MO-LTAP Scholars Program Graduates - Page 1

From left to right: Randy Carter, Shane Cole, Gerald Moss, Gerald Gilmer,
Keith Westerfield & Heath Pickerill (MO-LTAP Director)

Pictured: Nicholas Schulz

From left to right: Stephen Hendrix, Patrick Lema, Zach Humphrey, Josh Wills, Eric Welch, Michael Biri, Alex Carr, Danny Youngerman, Heath Pickerill (MO-LTAP) Not pictured: Carl Pulliam, Jeff Craft, Michael Steinmeyer


From left to right: Chris Jennings (Boone County), Bryan Boyce (Coone County), & Rick Artman (2013 MACTO President)

From left to right: Heath Pickerill (MO-LTAP Director), Isaiah Harmon, Adam Reddick, David Noble, Neal Roberts, Don DeMeyer, Price Nichols (not pictured), Greg Edington (Boone County PW Assistant Manager)


From left to right: Kinsey Russel (Public Works Director/City Engineer), Kevin Barker, Henry Hoover, and Bruce Slagle (City Manager)

From left to right: Gary Felkner, Greg Hayes



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