Missouri's Local Program

The LPA program focuses on improving the delivery of local federal aid projects statewide. It was developed by the Missouri Department of Transportation and representatives from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), local agencies, metropolitan planning organizations, consultants and industry professionals. The team developed a statewide directive, including implementation strategies and measurement tools, to help any entity involved in the delivery of local federal aid programs make the best use of their resources for local transportation projects. These entities include everyone from federal and state agencies to cities, consultants, contactors, park districts and many others. The team’s overall focus was to find ways to complete projects on time, on budget and in compliance with federal law.

LPA Vision Statement

Missouri’s Local Program serves as the national model for effectively and efficiently delivering great transportation projects through excellent customer service.

A successful LPA program has the following outcomes:

  • Projects delivered on time and within budget
  • Improved communication with partners
  • Educated LPA partners
  • Streamlined oversight
  • Improved customer satisfaction

LPA Training

LPA training is aimed at educating MoDOT employees, local project sponsors and consultants on all aspects of the federal aid process with certification as the end goal. It is meant to increase consistency statewide and increase accuracy. The training begins with a free four-hour class designed to meet the requirement for a full-time sponsor employee to serve the roll as the Person in Responsible Charge in order to receive federal-aid funding for locally administered projects. The class covers the basics of the consultant selection procedures, record keeping, contract administration and billing. All participants are eligible for certification upon satisfactorily completing the class as well as passing a short exam.

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