Advisory Committee

The Missouri LTAP Advisory Committee is made up of selected county commissioners, MoDOT and FHWA representatives, and individuals from various public agencies.  The Advisory Committee meets twice per year: once in September/October and once in March/April.  The intent of the committee is to assure that all four focus areas of our Work Plan are discussed and evaluated in response to client needs.  The committee also discusses potential areas for participant improvement and how to improve the overall cost-benefit of the program while offering input on strategic planning to the LTAP management team.

MO-LTAP Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes (10-21-2014)

MO-LTAP Advisory Committee meeting minutes (04-03-2014) - updated

MO-LTAP Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes (12-04-2013)

 ‌MO-LTAP Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes (02-06-2013)

Current Advisory Committee Members:

Larry Benz, Director, Cole County Public Works
& MACTO representative

Patrick Bonnot, Loss Control and Member 
Services Director, MIRMA

Batina Dodge, County Clerk
Scotland County

Mike Geisel, City Administrator, City of 
Chesterfield & APWA representative

Tracy Graham, Associate Commissioner, Audrain
County, CCAM representative

Dan Hausman, County Council Member,
University of Missouri Extension

Stuart Haynes, Policy & Membership Associate,
Missouri Municipal League

Dan Jessen, Street Operations Supervisor, City of
Springfield Public Works

Bruce McGregor, Director of Public Works, City
of Olivette & APWA representative

Sean McGonigle, Risk Manager,
Missouri Association of Counties

John P. Miller, Safety Engineer,
FHWA Missouri Division

Dawn Perkins, Transportation Engineer,
FHWA Missouri Division

Bonnie Prigge, Executive Director,
Meramec Regional Planning Commission &
MACOG representative

Dan Ross, Executive Director,
Missouri Municipal League

James Stevenson, Program Implementation
Team Leader, FHWA Missouri Division

Julie Stotlemeyer, Local Programs Administrator,

Bill Stone, Research Administrator, Construction
and Materials, MoDOT



MoDOT Ambassadors:

The MoDOT Ambassadors represent each of the seven MoDOT districts and provide Missouri LTAP with a direct link to the local agencies and customers within each district.  They help communicate information as well as provide feedback on the customers’ needs. They find out what types of programs are necessary, how well existing programs are received, and help make introductions between the LTAP staff and county commissioners and other pertinent local government officials.  An ambassador’s meeting is held every December.  

Current MoDOT District Ambassadors:

Northwest – Vacant
Northeast – Bob Manzke
Kansas City – Marsela Ward
Central – Kim  Tipton
St. Louis – Russell Klein
Southwest – Chad Zickefoose and Julie Zibert
Southeast – Elquin Auala