Bridge Engineering Assistance Program (BEAP)

The Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission developed the Bridge Engineering Assistance Program (BEAP) to provide Missouri local public agencies with the assistance necessary to study bridge engineering problems.

The hydraulic and structural adequacy of the bridges on street, road, and highway systems is a major concern of many local public agencies of Missouri. Local public entities need to conduct effective bridge evaluations to determine priorities for maintenance, rehabilitation, and replacement. Many of these agencies and their political subdivisions lack the funds or engineering expertise to do so.

BEAP is a federally funded operation. Through the program, private consulting firms with expertise in bridge engineering are retained to aid cities and counties in solving specific operational problems with their existing bridges.

Contact MoDOT to learn more about accessing BEAP services.



Traffic Engineering Assistance Program (TEAP)

The Traffic Engineering Assistance Program (TEAP) is a federally-funded program with the purpose of retaining private consulting firms with expertise in traffic engineering to aid cities and counties with specific operational traffic problems on their non-state system streets and highways.

Correction of specific operational traffic problems often requires extensive investigation on the part of a consulting traffic engineer. A consultant may be called upon to carry out detailed engineering studies such as assessment of traffic crashes and counts; speed surveys; minor origin and destination studies; non-rapid transit studies; parking supply and demand investigation; capacity analyses; lighting analyses and design; inventory and layout studies of traffic control devices; and/or traffic signal progression analyses and design. Most cities and counties do not have the personnel necessary to perform such studies.

Through TEAP, local agencies identify an operational traffic problem within their jurisdiction. If they qualify for assistance (based on need and availability of funds) the counties are provided financial assistance to work with a consulting firm contracted with the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) for TEAP projects.

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