Reimbursement Forms

Scholarship Reimbursement Program

Our intent has been to maintain the process in place at MoDOT for scholarship reimbursement and revise it only as necessary to meet MODOT and University of Missouri Policy updates.  Our goal is to have a very efficient system of responding to scholarship reimbursement requests.  We have tried to ensure that the reimbursement is as streamlined and quick as possible by maintaining a review and approval process and providing timely responses to all scholarship applications.  We have a standard request and reimbursement form, along with a standard template for agency invoices that can be downloaded below.  Please contact the MO-RTAP office at (573) 341-6155 if you have any questions.

Forms - Training Reimbursement Application Instructions
Forms - Application for Training Assistance
Forms - Personnel Travel Form
Forms - Agency Invoice for Training Reimbursement