Scholarship Reimbursement Forms

Our intent of the Scholarship Reimbursement Program has been to maintain the process in place at MoDOT for scholarship reimbursement and revise it only as necessary to meet MoDOT and University of Missouri Policy updates.  Our goal is to have a very efficient system of responding to applications for training assistance and reimbursement requests.  We have tried to ensure that the reimbursement is as streamlined and quick as possible by maintaining a review and approval process and providing timely responses to all scholarship applications.  All the forms needed to apply for training assistance as well as to complete travel expenses and submit to the MO-RTAP Office are listed below and can be downloaded.  The forms are editable for easy completion.  Please contact Doreen Harkins in the MO-RTAP Office at (573) 341-6155 or if you have any questions and need assistance.

Please read the Training Reimbursement Application Instructions for a better understanding of the gudelines that need to be followed as well as expenses that are not reimburseable.  You may also call Doreen Harkins, MO-RTAP Program Specialist, (573) 341-6155, or email for assistance.

The Application for Training Assistance Form is the first form that must be completed and submitted to the MO-RTAP Office at least 30 days prior to the start of travel for a conference/workshop if travel expenses are to be reimbursed.  It is an editable form and each item that pertains to your expenses for travel must be completed.  Save the form as a document on your computer, and email the form to Doreen Harkins,, for review and approval.  A signed copy of the approved application will be emailed to you for your files.  Please include a copy of your airfare reservation, hotel reservation, and conference registration along with the application form and include estimated mileage if a POV must be used for travel, airport and hotel parking, baggage fees, ground transportation, and meal per diem.  If you aren't sure of the meal per diem rate for the conference/workshop location, call Doreen Harkins and she can assist you.  A conference or workshop agenda is requested as well.  This form reflects the current Missouri per diem rate and the current mileage rate if a POV is necessary for travel.    

You must complete an Application for Training Assistance Form for each person that is traveling.

Upon return from travel for a conference/workshop, the second form, Personnel Travel Form, must be completed for each person that traveled.  This form is editable so each section that applies to the approved travel on the application must be completed.  All receipts for lodging, airfare (if applicable), baggage fees, airport and hotel parking, conference registration fees, rental vehicle (if approved) and fuel receipts for the rental vehicle must be attached with each Personnel Travel Form.  Meals that were provided at a conference/workshop will be deducted from the daily meal per diem rate.  No food receipts are to be submitted since there is a daily per diem rate.

The final form to complete is the Agency Invoice for Training Reimbursement Form.  On this editable form, the total expense amount of each category of the individual/s that traveled to a conference/workshop must be indicated.  At the bottom of the form, the total agency expenses will be entered.  All the paperwork mentioned in the Personnel Travel Form section will need to be included along with the Agency Invoice for Training Reimbursement Form:  ALL receipts for lodging, airfare (if applicable), baggage fees, airport and hotel parking, conference registration fees, rental vehicle (if approved) and fuel receipts for the rental vehicle.  Please do not submit meal receipts as they are not required. 

If the MO-RTAP Office needs explanation of any expenses, the agency will be contacted.  If anything needs to be adjusted, we will call the agency and explain why and send a copy of the adjusted amount.

As always, if there are questions regarding a step of the completion of any of the Reimbursement Forms, please contact Doreen Harkins, MO-RTAP Program Specialist, at (573) 341-6155 or